Singular is the game I’m currently working on, if was made during last Ludum Dare and I’m aiming at releasing it in march or april, here is the new game

Lately I wondered… but why on earth am I trying to do games ? And specifically why spend time on Singular ? It’s an awesome game mechanic, it definitely attracted some good feedback from last LD48… but really ? img6

If I come back to my initial idea, at the start of last LD48, it’s obviously related to the theme of the jam. Which was, if you remember, « You only got one ». I was not specifically interested in the game mechanics you could have behind that. I was more interested in the sentence itself, that injonction. The theme could have been « only one », but it’s not. « You only got one » is a rule, like something you read in a board game manual before playing. It’s an agreement between the player and the game designer, a gentleman agreement nobody is interested in outside the game, because it’s not exactly true or sustainable in the real world.

And it’s quite a harsh rule, an exclusive one with this « only » implying an attrition. In the game, that « one » is that green cell surrounded by the « reds ». Its lonely and quite desperate, loosing itself in violence and hatred because that’s the only way to make sense of external supposed threats. You understood at some point that this rule « You only got one » has been created by Mr. Green himself. But it has no reason to exist, it’s a way for Mr. Green to avoid facing reality. And it’s killing him.

As I already explained, I don’t think there’s such a thing as a game that would be disconnected from reality. It’s just not possible to dereference what you are and what you think from a game design, it doesn’t make sense. It does not mean my game is not fun or has a political message to convey. But I want the player to follow a path that at least make him wonder about his actions in the game, and their consequences.


And it’s a game where you have the extreme satisfaction of being able to destroy a lot of things :-).




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