« We have no need for other worlds. We need mirrors. We don’t know what to do with other worlds. A single world, our own, suffices us; but we can’t accept it for what it is. »
Stanislaw Lem, Solaris

Revolving Sky is a game project. A really blurry concept at first, now shaping up nicely.


It’s a game set in a strange and far world, a giant gas planet orbited by numerous rocks and moons. On this world, an intelligent life form emerged, the Hums. They dealt with their inhospitable world by building long ships and beautiful cities on the rocks.

You play a young captain. You have been recruited by the Harmony, Hums strict governing authority, with the mission to understand what happened in Dalma, a remote rock of the planet. While fighting your way there, you discovered a strange message from a planet called « Earth »…


The gameplay of Revolving Sky could be seen as a synthesis of Faster Than Light and Transarctica (a really old game, not perfect but inspiring). I’m not trying to copy these successes, they are just amazing sources of inspiration for a really humble project.

In Revolving Sky, you craft your own ship, building and assembling the different modules needed to make it function, go fast and endure any bad encounters. The crafting system lets you create exactly the ship you need or want. The second gameplay key point is your crew : each character will generate different stories and different paths. This is possible because you’re dealing with a changing world without consistent topography : what is ahead of your ship depends on the stories of your different crew members, not a predefined path. Have a look at Tarkosvky’s Solaris.

Current state

To check on updates, have a look to the Devblog.

I have worked on Revolving Sky for a year now, in my spare time. The basic prototype is working great, I shall post videos and screenshots soon, and hopefully try a KickStarter if the project reaches an audience.

If you like that game concept and want to follow further work, please make your choice :

I will regularly post on my progress, feel free to discuss, feedback is welcome !!

No image or gallery for now !

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