(this is the support for the mobile versions of Reigns. For steam, check here)


Hi there!

I’m François Alliot aka Nerial, gamedev and writer of Reigns.

First I wanted to say thank you for the super positive messages and evalutations I received from everywhere, twitter, the stores. I’m glad the vast majority of you experience Reigns as we wanted. A bit surprise also that so many people actually dig my ravings.

Some of you have technical issues with the game though. I will try my best to solve them as soon as I can.

Here are the problems I know of and will work on:

  • Bug on a death card that doesn’t show up. While I correct this, restarting the game should solve your problem (you will start again at the previous King).
  • A rare bug in the dungeon when you fight the Skeleton. It’s solved in the same way as the above, by restarting the app.
  • Corrupted data error. If you had that error on Android, please uninstall and reinstall the game. An update will solve it. Note that as a consequence, your progression in the current King won’t be saved if you press « home » or « menu » + swipe, you will go back to the previous King the following time. To save your progress and quit, please press the « back » button.

If you encounter problems with the game that are not in the list, you can contact us here: contact@nerial.co.uk.

If you want to restart the game at any point, touch the screen with 2 fingers for 5 seconds (it’s an hidden feature because the aim of the game is really to go from one king to another without restarting).

best regards,



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